Our Self-Defense Class in Mechanicsville Can Help You Protect Yourself

Self Defense

At Richmond Traditional Martial Arts, we offer the Mechanicsville community a number of options in personal defense. You’ll learn skills to apply in real world circumstances and in a variety of confrontational situations. During a self-defense class, you’ll learn to hone your mental skills, gain abilities in avoidance and de-escalation, learn to recognize the appropriate use of force and become familiar with the legal implications of the defensive use of force. We offer a variety of methods and lessons to suit your specific needs and desires.

We Teach Our Students Awareness to Improve Their Safety and Confidence

Students from such communities as Richmond and Hanover attend our self-defense studio and experience several important benefits. One of the first of these is an increased feeling of safety. When you know that you’ll be able to defend yourself in a number of situations, you’re more likely to feel secure, no matter where you are. This confidence will be with you at work and during social settings. You’ll develop better overall fitness, both physically and mentally, giving you an edge whenever you are in competitive situations. You’ll also experience increased awareness of the world around you. How else will you benefit from participation in our classes? Personal improvements are very individual, and you’ll have to participate to realize the results.

Learn to Defend Yourself and Your Loved Ones in the Hanover and Richmond Areas

The Richmond Traditional Martial Arts center in Mechanicsville provides services to students from Hanover and from Richmond. We offer instruction in a number of martial arts disciplines, teach effective self-defense methods and provide tai chi lessons. You have the opportunity to gain confidence, master yourself physically and mentally, and become proficient in both offensive and defensive techniques. Secure your chance to enroll by calling 804-730-0905 today.