Our School in Mechanicsville Offers Krav Maga LessonsKrav Maga Classes

Krav Maga is a form of hand-to-hand combat developed by the Israel Defense Forces that is now used by members of the American military as well as members of law enforcement agencies. One of the primary goals of this fighting and defense method is the ability to disarm an opponent to reduce the impact of an attack. This defensive fighting technique is used to provide protection from an attacker in a short amount of time. At Richmond Traditional Martial Arts in Mechanicsville, our Krav Maga class focuses on helping you gain confidence as your body and mind are honed and strengthened. We recognize the connection between mental clarity and an effective counterattack.

This Practical and Efficient Martial Art Teaches Students Self-Defense

As students attend our Krav Maga studio, they’ll work through defensive punches, kicks and training drills. Our lessons focus on providing defense against different aggressive moves, such as chokeholds and armed attacks. Our students learn to quickly deliver counterattacks, and develop offensive techniques to immobilize threats quickly and effectively. Our combat principles and approach to movements are guided by those elements taught by the IDF. These include instruction on functioning during stressful, violent and surprise attacks.

Join a Class in the Hanover/Richmond Area

Your search for a self-defense method ends here. Your training begins during your first session with us. At Richmond Traditional Martial Arts, we focus on providing students with the physical and mental strength they need to overcome many types of adversaries. We are proud to work with students from Mechanicsville, Hanover and Richmond. Your ability to protect yourself starts with just one phone call. Ask about open positions in any of our classes, including our kickboxing lessons. Our number is 804-730-0905.