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Karate is an ancient Japanese martial art that combines intricate movements with a high level of mental and emotional focus. This discipline encourages students to use their developing skills as self-defense against physical assault and as a shield against the onslaught of emotional pressures that are a normal part of life. At Richmond Traditional Martial Arts in Mechanicsville, the leaders of our karate classes teach this “empty hand” method of fighting as a means of defense. Our focus is on the appropriate response to take when you’re approached by an aggressor. We also incorporate the Bushido philosophy of overall health. Our lessons focus on three important characteristics:

  • Kihon: Gaining Mastery Of Foundational Skills
  • Kata: Using Combinations Of The Basic Skills In Defensive Maneuvers
  • Kumite: Carefully Supervised Competitive Practices Between Students

Benefits of Karate Classes

  • Achieve Lean Muscle And Strength Through Fitness With Karate
  • Become More Flexible And Gain Balance
  • Heighten And Sharpen Your Mental Strength
  • Improve Concentration And Focus
  • Reduce Stress Levels
  • Self-Defense Skills Build Your Confidence

Learn About the Zen Philosophy of Bushido

The central philosophy guiding lessons at our karate studio are based on Bushido, meaning that the entire person, body, mind and spirit must be trained in a balanced manner. At the core of Bushido is a form of meditation and thought known as Zen. This philosophy focuses on encouraging mastery of smooth movements and personal qualities, such as confidence, courage, integrity and humility. These spiritual aspects of the discipline are as important to our students’ success as mastery of the movements.

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This discipline is appropriate for the young and the old, the beginner and the experienced practitioner. Look at the martial arts class calendar to find a time that fits your schedule. We serve the communities of Mechanicsville, Richmond and Hanover. Learn more about our guiding philosophies and the types of classes at our studio when you call us. Our number is 804-730-0905.